Winter Forests of the Klamath Basin

December 28, 2017 5:00pm–8:00pm

Klamath County Library

126 S 3rd St, Klamath Falls


Nature might slow down a bit during the winter months, but it’s no less exciting! Discover fascinating details of winter life throughout the Klamath Basin on Thursday, December 28th at 5pm at the downtown Klamath County Library!

This event is part of a series of nature-themed films, workshops and other activities for all ages brought to you by Teresa “Bird” Wicks from the Great Outdoor Alliance each month through July 2018.

Have you ever wondered what happens to the plants and animals that call winter forests their home? Which animals stay, migrate, or hibernate? Do all animals that sleep in the winter hibernate? Can trees hibernate? During this program, participants will explore winter strategies of the flora and fauna of the east side of the Cascades. Learn fascinating facts, join in games, and even craft an art project celebrating our local environment in winter.

Wicks spent her childhood roaming the forests of southern Oregon while her father climbed trees to collect cones. An early obsession with birds led to hours of hiking, journaling, and artistic expression. As a scientist, educator, and artist, Wicks derives great joy from introducing kids, adults, and families to birds, science, and the many ways nature is intertwined in our daily lives.

For more information, stop by the Youth Services desk or call 541-882-8894. For more about the Great Outdoor Alliance or how to join, see their website at or follow them on Facebook at